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Welcome to one of the best muaythai gyms in Southern Thailand, Yodyut Muaythai.

Welcome to Yodyut Muaythai Koh Samui. A muaythai training camp established in 2014 with an aim to providing muaythai training which is second to none.

Muaythai is the national sport of Thailand and is widely practiced. Muaythai originated from a hand to hand style of combat used by the Tai tribe that migrated South from China. It became more recognized as a martial art in the mid-16th Century during the reign of King Naresuan. Since that time it has become a major part of military training even in the present day. This style of hand to hand combat is centered on the ability of warriors to move through crowds of opponents using blows, kicks and strikes to debilitate or kill at speed whilst not exposing themselves to attack. As such Muaythai combines both attack and defence moves which are practised to perfection..

Yodyut Muaythai is located in Koh Samui, Thailand in the peaceful beach town of Choengmon, just 10 minutes from the airport and the main tourist resort of Chaweng. The gym is ideally located for both lazy beach days and fun filled evenings. We have 8 experienced Muaythai coaches, all of whom have been successful Muaythai fighters. Our gym uses Fairtex equipment which amongst the best available. At Yodyut Muaythai there is a great selection of facilities for our students including; 2 full sized boxing rings (6m x 6m), 15 bags, large matted floor area and hot shower facilities. Students also have available to them an onsite shop where you can buy all your Muaythai essentials, from shorts and gloves to hand wraps and t-shirts.

We are known in Koh Samui and across Thailand for providing the best authentic Muaythai training. Our students come to Thailand from all over the world with varying abilities and goals. Some come here to fight, others to get fit and some come just for the experience. No matter what your age or your ability we will do our best to cater to your needs and make you feel welcome. At Yodyut Muaythai we believe hard work and dedication are key, as well as having fun.

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