Meet our experienced team.


SON began fighting at the age of 9, and had over 250 fights during his professional career.  As a fighter he won 3 championship titles from the south of Thailand at 122 lbs and 126 lbs, he also frequently fought at Channel 7 and Siam boxing stadium, as well as being a ranked fighter at the famous Lumpinee and Rachadamnern stadiums.

Son has been coaching people of all levels for over 10 years. He has trained people across Thailand as well as teaching around the world in Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, and Hong Kong.

Owner of Yodyut Muaythai


Managing Director

Originally from the South of France FRED fell in love with Muaythai when on holiday in Samui many years ago. Since then his passion for the sport has grown and his son Alek also trains and fights out of Yodyut Muaythai.


CHAT had a good professional career when he was young, fighting in Rajadamnern in Bangkok and across the south of Thailand on a regular basis.

Chat has been a trainer for many years, before coming to Yodyut Muaythai he worked at Phetchyindee in Bangkok and Rawai Muaythai in Phuket. Chat works closley with our Thai fighters preparing them for fights.


P'PAN is Son elder brother and has been involved Muaythai from a young age. When Son was a high level fighter Pan would help train him, taking him running every morning and holding pads for him. Pan has now returned to Muaythai and is enjoying being a trainer.


MEE first came to Yodyut in the first year we opened. Since then he has worked at 2 other gyms as well as in Malaysia and Singapore. See is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer. 


 OWEN has had a good career in Muaythai, he made regular appearances at Rajadamnern stadium as well as frequently fighting on Thai TV including PTTV and Channel 3. 

 As a trainer Owen has a nice style of teaching and is very good with sparring and correcting technique in students of all levels.

FIRSTT previously fought on a regular basis in Bangkok, in both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern as well as on Thai TV.

 Firstt is a strong pad holder with a keen eye for technique. He is full of energy and always encourages his students.


LOM first came to Yodyut in 2014 as a fighter. After a year he was chosen to go serve in the Thai Royal Army. Lom left the army in 2017 and returned to Yodyut this time as a trainer. Lom is focused, full of energy and enjoys sparring with all our students.


NIK is from the Issan region of Thailand and had a successful career in Muaythai as a teenager.  However at 21 he was drafted to go into the army. Nik left the army in 2017 and moved to Samui to be a trainer at Yodyut Muaythai.


DAY is from the north of Thailand and started fighting at a young age. He fought often in the North and around Bangkok.

Day enjoys sparring and likes to challenge his students.