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Kor. Janhunee

Reaching out to underprivileged kids in Southern Thailand.

This year it is not only our mission to keep caring for our boys but also to help other young fighters from underprivileged backgrounds in Southern Thailand.

Kor. Janhunee gym is located in Nakhon Si Thammerat province and is owned and run by Mr. Gittisak Janhunee. Gittisak is a hard working, passionate and caring man devoting all his time, energy and money to his fighters and his gym. Gittisak was never a fighter himself but opened his gym to help the local boys and for his love of Muaythai. Gittisak currently takes care of 8 boys full time by himself. The boys range from 8 to 15 years old. The boys that live at the gym are from poor families whose parents/relatives can not afford to care for them. Gittisak takes care of everything for the boys from housing and training to food and schooling.

Gittisak and the boys are like a family and help each other in every aspect of daily life. This includes sharing what little money they have with each other to keep the gym open and to keep food on the table.

Gittisak receives no outside help apart from the occasional donation so when one of his boys fights the purse money is almost finished before they make it back to the gym, after paying for gas, food and other costs of travelling to fights. It is a rare and happy occasion when one of the boys takes a big win and is able to send money home to his family.

Over the coming year we want to not only raise awareness of the gym and others like it but we also want to raise money to help Gittisak continue his work, to provide training and school equipment for the boys and most importantly to keep the gym open and to make sure these boys have somewhere safe to call home long into the future.

If you would like to donate please click the link below or contact us via email.

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