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Our students come from all over the world with varying abilities and goals. Some come here to fight, others to get fit and some come just for the experience. No matter what your age or your ability we will do our best to cater to your needs and make you feel welcome.


 At the gym we have 11 full time Thai trainers and 1 fitness trainer; all of whom are also experienced fighters with a lot of knowledge within their field. The trainers work hard to ensure that you get the most out of your training, encouraging and supporting you every step of the way. For students wishing to fight, the trainers will push you in every training session until you are ready to step in to the ring. Fights can be arranged easily at one of the local stadiums in Koh Samui and in Bangkok.

At Yodyut Muaythai we have a great selection of facilities for our students including; 2 full sized boxing rings, 15 bags, large matted floor area, customised rig and large selection of strength equipment.  

Whilst here come and check out our onsite shop where you will find all your Muaythai essentials from top brands including Fairtex and Twins.

Meet the Team

Training at Yodyut Muaythai & Fitness

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Muaythai Training

Muaythai Group Training

Monday- Saturday 08:00-10:00 and 17:00-19:00

Group training is open to all abilities (minimum age 6 years).

 A typical class consists of the following:

  • Warm up

  • Shadow Boxing,

  • Pad work with a trainer, everyone gets to do pad work in every class,

  • Bag work,

  • Technique practice,

  • Sparring, either Thai sparring or Boxing sparring. 

  • Clinching (in the evenings),

  • Bag drills,

  • Strength and conditioning.

Students who are wanting to fight in Thailand or are training for a fight in their home country will be expected to run before every training session.

*1 Class 400THB

1 Week
1 Class per day 2,000THB
2 Class per day 3,000THB

2 Weeks
1 Class per day 3,000THB
 2 Class per day 4,500THB

3 Weeks
1 Class per day 4,000THB
2 Class per day 6,000THB

1 Month
1 Class per day 5,000THB
2 Class per day 7,500THB

Muaythai Private Training

Available Monday-Saturday 10:00-17:00

Work alongside one of our experienced trainers to develop your skills, improve your fitness or simply to stay active whilst on holiday. No matter professional fighter or a beginner our trainers will tailor your class to suit you.

Private lessons should be booked at least 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment.

1 Private Training 800THB/ 1 Hour
1 Private Training (2 in 1) 1200THB/ 1 Hour
10 Block Private Booking 7,000THB


Strength & conditioning training

s & c group training

Monday-Saturday 10:00-11:00 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 16:00-17:00

Training is open to all abilities (minimum age 14 years).

We offer a range of veritile group classes including Kettlebells, Barbells, conditioning and high intensity circuits. Each class is designed to challenge you using a diverse skill set, functional movements and compound lift. We also encourage our Muaythai fighters to participate in some classes to enhance their overall body condition. 

*1 Class 400THB

1 Week
1 Class per day 1,500THB
2 Class per day 2,500THB

2 Week
1 Class per day 2,500THB
2 Class per day 3,500THB

3 Week
1 Class per day 3,250THB
2 Class per day 4,250THB

1 Month
1 Class per day 4,000THB
2 Class per day 5,000THB

s & c private training

Available Monday-Saturday 11:00-16:00

Work closely along side our professional and knowledgable trainer to push yourself and achieve your personal goals.

Private lessons should be booked 1 day in advance to avoid disappointment.

1 Private Training 1,500THB/ 1 Hour
1 Private Training (2 in 1) 2,000THB/ 1 Hour
10 Block Private Booking 12,000THB

Personalised Training Programs

Our coach will draw up a detailed plan for you to follow that you can either take home or use here if our class times don't fit your daily schedule. 

*Includes open gym and 30 minute consultation.

1 Week Program 1,500THB
2 Week Program 2,000THB
1 Month Program 3,500THB

Strenth and Conditioning


Monday, Wednesday & Friday 11:00-12:00 Intermediate

Tuesday,  Thursday, Saturday 11:00-12:00 Open Mat

Tuesday and Thursday 16:00-17:00 No GI
All levels welcome (minimum age 12 years), mixed classes GI/no GI.
*1 Class 300THB

1 Week

2 Week

3 Week

1 Month

1 Private Training 1,200THB/ 1 Hour
1 Private Training (2 in 1) 1,500THB/ 1 Hour
1 Kids Private Training 6-12 years old 1,000THB/1 Hour

BJJ Private training

Monday- Saturday 11:00-16:00 (09:00 also available upon request)

Check out our social media or contact us directly for the next event.

250THB Non-Members/ 150THB Memebers 
(Open mat with Special guest coach will be a higher charge)


Packages & promotions

Package A

1 Muaythai and 1 S & C Class Per Day

Choose between morning and afternoon classes to suit your schedule.

1 Week 3,000THB

2 Weeks 4,000THB

3 Weeks 5,000THB

1 Month 6,500THB

Package B

Ultimate Muaythai and S & C 

Attend as many Muaythai and S&C classes as you want.

1 Week 4,000THB

2 Weeks 5,000THB

3 Weeks 7,000THB

1 Month 8,500THB

Package C

Muaythai  & BJJ

1 Muaythai class per day plus

3x weekly BJJ.

1 Week 2,500THB

2 Weeks 3,750THB

3 Weeks 5,000THB

1 Month 6,000THB

Package D

 S & C and BJJ

1 S&C per day and 3x weekly BJJ

1 Week 2,500THB

2 Weeks 3,500THB

3 Weeks 4,750THB

1 Month 6,000THB

Package E

Muaythai,  S & C and BJJ 

1 Muaythai and 1 S&C class per day plus 3x weekly BJJ.

1 Week 3,500THB

2 Weeks 4,500THB

3 Weeks 6,500THB

1 Month 8,000THB

Most Popular


Package F

Ultimate Training 

Attend as many Muaythai, S&C and BJJ classes as you want.

1 Week 4,500THB

2 Weeks 6,000THB

3 Weeks 8,000THB

1 Month 10,000THB

Terms and Conditions

  • You CAN NOT pause your membership

  • No refunds given

  • Block bookings must be used within 6 weeks of first lesson

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult

  • We are not liable for accidents during training


Customer Reviews

"I stayed here for a month and it was really nice. The training is really good and is adapted to which level your on. The trainers are really friendly and know what their are doing. You will feel just like your home. I really recommend Yodyut Muaythai.” -John, Sweden
“Loved my time at Yodyut Muay Thai, stayed and trained at the gym for 4 weeks and really didn't want to leave. The trainers are all really friendly and happy to help improve your Thai boxing skills.”  -Joanne, Scotland

"Friendly and experienced trainers . Relaxed atmosphere . Good mix of beginners through to advanced . Close to the beach to relax between training sessions. Best place to train in Thailand" -Lee, Scotland

"Great gym - training, atmosphere and location. Son, Gemma and the coaches go to a lot of effort to cater for all levels - experienced fighters,intermediates and beginners. We have sent fighters there ( Bad Company UK) and match ups at the stadium have always been fair for both adults and juniors. We have also taken complete beginners who are looked after too." -Lisa, England

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